About us

Easy language is a form of communication that makes information understandable for everyone. Easy language is used all over the world. Why is it demanded more and more? Studies show that 15-25% of the population in each country is unable to perceive complex information. The reasons for this are various – poor language skills, perceptual disorders, intellectual development disorders, etc. Easy language is based on certain rules and helps to make the text easy to understand.

The Easy Language Agency is an association that was founded in 2000. We care that everyone can understand and integrate into the society around them. That is why we are promoting Easy language as an opportunity to receive accessible information. We are open for cooperation with governmental institutions and local municipalities. We are already implementing joint projects with Riga City Council, Latvian Language Agency, Ministry of Welfare, Parliament of the Republic of Latvia, Latvian Radio and University of Latvia.

We cooperate with colleagues – Easy language specialists in different countries and participate in international projects. We learn ourselves and help others to understand better use of Easy language.

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