Welcome to the website of the Easy Language Agency!

We are living in a complex information space. Everyone speaks their own special language. Officials have their own way of expression, lawyers, computer scientists and doctors have a completely different way. Sometimes it is hard to understand each other. However, you can also talk about complex things in a simple way. That is why we use Easy language as an opportunity for people to be included in society on an equal base. Our mission is to make information accessible to all. Then everyone will be able to follow the news in politics, culture and everyday events.

Who we are?

We are bringing together experts and specialists who know how to prepare information accessible to everyone in easy language.
We also know how to create an easy-to-understand design and supplement it with appropriate illustrations.


What do we do?

We prepare or adapt information in Easy language. We also provide advice to others who want to do so.
We regularly organise various trainings. We also prepare various editions in Easy language.

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